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Why is the theme of the business coffee and music?

Every time we drink coffee, we listen to music, the two are a constant. When you taste a delicious cup of fresh roasted coffee and a song comes on that takes you back to a place and time, a song that no matter how long it's been, you remember every word, it’s priceless. Our goal is to recreate those feelings while also creating new ones. The fact that my son, Tyler Ransom is an indie artist and jazz guitarist definitely contributes to the theme.

What does ethically sourced mean?                                                                                      

Ethically sourced means that products and services from each point of a business's supply chain are obtained in an ethical way, which includes upholding rights, decent working conditions, health and safety, good business ethics and sustainability.

What is single origin coffee and how did you come up with the names?

The term “single origin” is a coffee category that gives focus to one distinct area or region where the coffee is grown. To be clear coffee that is labeled as single origin can be traced to a single farm, farmer, producer, crop or region in one country. Tyler Ransom, our indie artist & Jazz guitarist, chose to give each coffee a Jazz name that he feels embodies the tasting notes and region of origin.

Why is specialty coffee more expensive than commercial coffees?                           

The quality of specialty coffee has a higher purchase price because the best varieties of coffee beans have been meticulously selected thus eliminating any flaws and they are available in significantly smaller quantities. Commercial coffee focuses on mass production & consumption and is mostly made from blended coffee beans. A fitting analogy would be the difference between a bartender reaching down to get the desired drink  and or pulling over the foot stool or ladder to reach up to get the drink (specialty coffee).

What exactly are tasting notes?

Tasting notes are flavors that have been identified within each coffee. From chocolate, vanilla, almond, maple and more are all flavors that you can discover in single-origin coffee. Much like wine, coffee boasts a bounty of unique tastes, in fact, coffee has more than 800 aromatic and flavor compounds, wine only has 200.

Can you have multiple subscriptions and is there a discount?

Of course! On your initial order, you can add as many coffees as you wish to your cart, just make sure that the product (size, grind, etc.) is correct and the subscription details (amount of bags, frequency of delivery) are accurate.

You will be charged when your next order is being prepared. For example, if you receive coffee once a month, you will be billed once a month when your coffee is being prepared to be shipped to you.

*You will receive an automatic 10% off all subscription orders.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! When you purchase more than $50.00 of coffee through our Online Shop, your shipping is 100% FREE.

How can an artist be featured on your page and do they have to play a specific genre?

We are always in search of good vibes, regardless of genre. Just reach out through the contact us page with a link to your site, music platforms and social media links.